Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Precious

It has been 39 days...alif is getting heavier. i can say now he had achieved have changed a lot since me n dearest have alif.....its feel different. everything now is about alif. every consideration, everyday decision.....alif will b our 1st priority. its great to b parents, its great 2 be in this such a big resposibility....even though we hardly had enough sleep lately, but the experience is so sweet to us.....i never feel tired 2 comfort him, i never give up to make him feel save....n this what me n dearest will do for the next day, everyday until the end of our feeling great...its like that i want to smile, to laugh, to jumping around...everytime i see alif. such a sweet baby, sweet little precious. WE LOVE U SO MUCH!

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