Friday, March 20, 2009

My 1st day blogging

After sometimes with fotopages , finally ive decided to give it up n move on to this blog as this will be the site where i will cntinue uploading my photography works. its kinda hard to leave photopages, cause im get used 2 it, but just 2 show that im not supporting products from israel, so this is it.
its more than a year now that im seriously involved in photography...alhamdulillah thut ive learn a lot n ive improved a lot...well, maybe others wont agree, but its juz how i see myself now n a year bfore...
above are a few shots ...actually shots by geebsion n edited by me...this studio project is my next step further that ive taken in furthering my knowledge in photography...the mini studio was set up by nabil, a good friend, for his bridal business in jln stadium just above his hair saloon...n he hired me 2 b his glad that he trusted me, n im determined 2 work hard to make our studio a well known studio in asetar.....
its not the best editing ever by me, but hope that u all enjoy it..... :-)

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  1. salam bro..thanx jenguk blog aku..ala..edit biasa je..reka sendiri je... anyway selamat memblog... nice blog la bro...

  2. selamat memblog bro,potraits yg menarik...kedah dh ada kedah flickr..nanti kalau ada outing,roger2 laa yerr

  3. keep up the good work!!! I have seen your works tru fp..and there's no doubt that you have progressively improved..practice makes perfect rite..definitely all your expriences would enhance your skills in capturing the best moments and producing the best product..all the best!

  4. lawa hang punya lighting effect..keep it up

  5. azmi, fareq, yatie n tok wan....
    thanks for visiting n for your inspiring comments...ill go on sharing moments through my lens with u all.....thanks a lot :-)