Monday, March 23, 2009


there's nothing interesting today at school, except for the same story everyday that a lot of teachers wanna go n teach in other school because of burden they r facing now in my present school....n also there's nothing interesting today happen at school as i am doing the same thing everyday.......but can say that i never regret being a teacher...though it seems like its kinda boring things to do, sharing knowledge with others makes me feel real cool.
so coming home today after a tiring day at work....spend sometime with dearest n alif on the bed...grab my camera, n captured a few pics of alif...dh boleh meniarap dah anak aku nih....ha3! it feels good, to see them at home when things at work is not making me really happy cool! arghhhh!!!
these are few of the pics with some minor adjusment....enjoy!!

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