Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Always the cutest.....

this pict was shot by me yesterday...while me and dearest waiting for the electricity supply to b ok....its blackout on n of since the night bfore actually.....however it is, its always a real sweet moment when me, dearest n alif stay close 2 each other....seems like nothing i want more, than this sweet moment with them.....it is a real good feeling when thinking that my family had grew......n its really making me feel extremly good...im happy!!yes really i am, n i love dearest n alif so much..... :-)
well of course there r some picts of me, dearest n alif together, but dearest always didnt wear her hijjab, so none of those picts can b publish...hu3!

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  1. bro.. awat gambar hang byk hilang dlm flickr?? pasal forum tu.. rilek bro.. jangan amik hati.. biasa la.. perangai orang susah kita nak control.. kita buat keje kita dah bro...